Wunderbare Titten 2

Impressed by Mount Everest? Mount Athos? Mount Kilimanjaro? Forget it, boob brother. The twin peaks of Emilia Boshe are the highest mountains worthy of intense study. We swoop in deep to explore Emilia’s Alps nestling in their tit-sling.

This flimsy bit of lace fabric cannot contain her natural abundance for long. Her cleavage valley is where an explorer could get lost until a rescue party arrived. Emilia shakes her mountains and the sonic waves generated almost make our camera guy lose his footing. He recovers, and Emilia makes the air tremble again as she gets on her hands and knees and dangles her flesh pillows. They swing in unison. Emilia hovers overhead, slapping them together, letting gravity do its thing as they sway and swing.


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