Single And Adventurous

Job: Server; Age: 20; Birthday: July 10; Height: 5’1″; Weight: 100 pounds; Bra Size: 34A; Panties: Thongs; Anal: No; BJs: I like to swallow; Masturbate: Sometimes; Lives: Los Angeles, California.

Dani packed up her shit and moved to LA after breaking up with a boyfriend. “He was fine, but the relationship wasn’t going anywhere, and I needed to get out and explore more about myself. As it turns out, I also needed to get fucked by some other people! I found a new group of people and experimented with a bunch of stuff.

“I’ll admit that it’s kind of not fair to my ex, but I take care of myself a lot more now that I’m single. You don’t have to impress someone when you’re in a long-term relationship. Now, I keep my pussy nice and shaved all the time, and I work out a ton. I want to make an impact with my one-night stands!

“One of the weirder things that I’ve discovered turns me on is biting. When a person is going down on me and fingering me at the same time and then moves their head and bites my inner thigh, it drives me absolutely insane.”


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