Katy Ann: Anatomy Award Winner

Put yourself in Katy Ann’s hands. She’ll show you what’s important in life. Her voice is as sexy as all get-out, too, as this video proves again.

SCORELAND: In the summer, what kinds of tops do you wear when you go shopping?

Katy Ann: I wear crop tops and tank tops.

SCORELAND: What position do you sleep in?

Katy Ann: I’m a side sleeper, but I’m trying to convert myself to sleeping on my back only.

SCORELAND: Do you do domestic chores or watch TV at home topless?

Katy Ann: No, I always like to keep the girls pushed up and supported in a bra.

SCORELAND: What makes you laugh?

Katy Ann: The irony of living in a state that’s preoccupied with size but has very few bra shops that have XL bra sizes in stock.


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