Good Neighbor Kailani Kai

Jonathan Jordan is new in the building. He’s seen the lady in the next apartment walking in and out of the lobby, checking her mail and sunning at the pool. They just haven’t been introduced yet. Kailani Kai’s spectacular body and huge tits beckon to him. So he decides to knock on her door and introduce himself as her new neighbor.

Kailani opens her door and his eyes immediately focus on her giant boobs. Kailani smiles and says, “My eyes are up here.” Kailani gets this reaction every day and she’s used to it. Her tits have opened many doors.

One of the friendliest neighbors a man could live next to, Kailani invites Jordan in. It’s never too early in the day to make new friends and meet new neighbors. And if they have big fuck-sticks, grind and bounce on them. Like a good neighbor, Kailani is there.


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